Monday, November 09, 2009

Um, the sights of Iowa - the worlds largest truck stop. Allrighty then.
THIS ^^^^ is what I expect to see in Iowa!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Our road-game set up
The Iowa fans are a hearty bunch - its been snowing most of the morning but the tailgating continues.

Kinnick Stadium

Senior punter Zoltan Mesko

Kirk Herbstreit
Freshman QB Tate Forcier

Brandon Minor
DC Greg Robinson
OC Calvin McGee and HC Rich Rodriguez

Bryan Wright
The team is ready
Here comes Herkey the Hawkeye - apparently he can't walk.
Herkey x 2

Here come the Wolverines
The first series - Donovan Warren intercepts and runs it back for a TD!!
The PAT is GOOD!
Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger call the game for ABC
Touchdown Michigan!!

Okay - seriously. This is the Rancheros "Pump Up The Burrito" that fans are to participate in. Um, yeah. We did NOT participate. Clearly the Iowa fans had nothing better to do during the time out. The Michigan contingent couldn't help but stare and imagine what the Michigan fans would do if they did something like this at Michigan Stadium. Needless to say, it is something we will never have to worry about as I'm sure they will never do.
Trying to tackle a slippery QB Stanzi

Denard Robinson is in at QB

Too little, too late. We lost 30-28.

UM vs. Indiana University 26 Sept 2009

Well, the quest for the Big 10 title begins today. 11 teams are still in the hunt - primarily since we haven't played a game yet ;)

We are 3-0 coming into the game with wins over Western, Eastern and a huuuuge victory over Our Lady. We have equated our entire 2008 campaign victories in our first 3 weeks. The future is looking up. We feel that we are invincible.

Indiana has been off of our schedule for the last 2 years and we're looking forward to playing them once again. Their program has been in a bit of a turmoil as well with the untimely death of their coach Terry Hoeppner in 2007.

It was a very close game - but we were finally able to win. We are now 4-0 and have had a perfect September. Something that hasn't happened since 2006 and before that you have to go back to the 1999 season captained by Tom Brady, Steve Hutchinson and Rob Renes.

Here's to our first road game next week in East Lansing at Michigan State. We have a very young team and to go into a very hostile environment such as that in Spartyville will be a test for our youngsters.
Newbies get to play the game
Reggie let someone else work the grill! Holy cow!

Group shot!
Laura examines her jaegerbomb - closely

Trouble x 2
A little something for our little Wolverine on the way - Ariana
At least they're watching over us.
The MMB and the Alumni Band

Here comes the team!
The alumni captains
Check out the alumni cheerleaders! Awesome!

The alumni cheerleaders still have it!
Forcier back to pass
The defense moves in on the IU QB
Zoltan in to punt

Michigan SuperFan keeps the fans riled up with the cowbell

Tate working his way towards the endzone