Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A running theme during the season! ;)
Hello Everyone!!! I am "The Girl" who tailgates with a bunch of guys during football season. The only exception made to my gender on Gameday? I don't have to carry the generator - thats it. There are 4 of us that usually tailgate together at the Big House (Bill, Reggie, Chris and Me) but sometimes there are many more!! The name for our blog? Can you guess what we do during pre-game tailgating? You guessed it - jagerbombs. (and a lot of them) We've decided to blog some pics from last year and we'll continue through this season as one of our group is headed overseas to serve in the Army. Chris - these are for you!
Hope you enjoy the pics - and if you're in the area - stop by and bring us a drink!
The Girl