Saturday, July 19, 2008

4th Annual Taste Test

Football must be in the air because its time for our Annual Taste-Test. This is where we do a test run with our stuff and see how we want to set it all up for the fall. It saves us a lot of trouble for the first game since we know where everything is supposed to go. We also trial-run a majority of our food - we need to be absolutely sure it is entirely grill-able since we won't have access to a stove while we are tailgating. Its also a reason to get together and have a few drinks (like we need a reason for that!) and to eat. It is nice to get together and discuss some of our concerns and improvements for the upcoming season.

So, here are the pictures of our 4th Annual Taste Test...
Setting up the tents (in the rain, of course!)
The TV area in front of our window

Arranging our "living room"

The tents side by side - the one on the right with the zipper door.
"Let there be light!" Changing the zipper-door to one with windows - we're going with this one!
Under the window - beverages, to the right (grey table) is where the food will go.
On the outside looking in
Our meeting is complete with our customary Jagerbombs!!!

Chris helps Reggie with the Parmesean Crusted Pork Chops
The Master at Work
Pork Chops, Turkey Burgers and Crab Cakes
The business meeting is adjourned!

Pork Chops, Crab Cakes and Turkey Burgers
Ready to eat!
Turkey Burgers
"Cheese on the Cob"
Chicken Rolotini