Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our new toy for fall. We'll actually be able to hear the TV and see it too!

The "New and Improved" Chris
YUMMY! Salmon (which Reggie doesn't like) over spinach with black beans (which Bill doesn't like) corn and onions. It was sooooo good! And yes, everything is able to be done on the grill!

YUMMY!! On the left - a shrimp and chicken mixture to put into the lettuce as a wrap - a little messy, but GOOD! On the right - fajita makings with chicken, shrooms, peppers, onions and cheese. Almost all of our recipes had something one of us doesn't like, but we all tried EVERYTHING and it was yummy!

We have some sirloin burgers, some pork and some fajita makings
Helping out Reggie by washing up the lettuce

Reggie participating in his own version of "Iron Chef Of The Grill"
Speaking of Chris, working on his new display for fall. Last year he was having issues with the Captain and the wind - he was a little on the light weight side. He is new and improved for the upcoming fall and shouldn't blow over if there is a gust!

Chris came with us - can't leave him behind!

How do you like our new TV? We only brought the box for our trial run since we'll have to pack the TV in the box to travel.

The Michigan cooler on the ground plays the fight song when you open it. How cool is that? How 'bout the new chafing dish holders on our new table? Bill and Reggie made them.
Lookin' good! No - the satellite won't stay there - but we did spray paint where it will need to go on Sept. 1 ;)

Yes, that is us getting ready to set up the tailgate area - The date stamp is correct - July 14th. How do you like the new hitch hauler?

Dancing with my Buckeye Friend, Richard, at his daughter's wedding

My Uncle Paul to the left, Dad to the right

Happy Belated Father's Day
The "Biker Babes" pose with their new "tats"
L-R: Sharon, Bonne, Kylie, Delissa and Grandma

With her proud grandparents, Jim & Rose Mary

Mom, Tom, Kylie and I pose with the new grad

Crystal with her parents, Tim and Tammy

Crystal receives her diploma from Utica High School - Congrats Crys!!