Wednesday, June 07, 2006

UGH! We're soooooo full from the good eats and good drinks. Thanks Reggie!!! ;)

Our individual meatloaves

Looks YUMMY!!!

Reggie cooking up the food.

Killing time while the food is cooking.....

What is preseason tailgating without football? The new TV Bill & Reggie got to save room in the car for...... you guessed it, more drinks!

The new EZ up for tailgating - only at the Big House, there's no pool!

Reggie getting ready to cook up some good food for our "taste test" for the upcoming football season.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Reggie's upset because he dropped a steak.

F-Bomb! Another loss for our team to the Damn Suckeyes!

While the scoreboard was still in our favor!

Attendance for the game? 111,591

A little tumbling action during a TV time-out.

The coin toss

Striking a pose inside the Big House - without Reggie who was "bobbing & weaving" as he made his way to his seat!

Bill, Bonne, Chris & Reggie

Bonne & Chris

Reggie & Bonne

Bill & Chris

Bill & Reggie

Reggie & Chris

Bill, Reggie & Chris

Bill & Bonne

Happy smiles before the U-M osu game.

Ahhhh - the dreaded roulette game!!! :P

Tailgating scenes.

Drinking and story telling before the OSU game.

Reggie & Kevin before the OSU game.

Celebrating a 27-25 victory over previously unbeaten Penn State!!!!

The team begins their celebration for their HUGE win against Penn State on a last second throw to Manningham in the end zone.

One of my only Joe Pa pictures!

A God moment at the Big House.

Julie, Bill, Reggie, Tara, Bonne & Chris
cheese it up for a late football game against Penn State!

Chris sporting Tara's glasses.

Ahh - the roulette game that gets us into trouble! If you win, you drink. If you lose, you drink - seems like a win-win situation to us!!

I've nicknamed him "supafan!"

Sophomore quarterback Chad Henne

Happy players after beating Northwestern! (l-r) Jason Avant #8, Pierre Woods #99 and Jake Long #77

Me, Bill & Reggie at the U-M vs. Northwestern game

Coach Carr coming out of the tunnel at Northwestern.

Outside of the world famous Art Institute of Chicago after the White Sox won the World Series.

Scenes from Chicago - Water Tower Place

Monday, June 05, 2006

How many college graduates does it take to realize that plastic + a hot grill doesn't add up?

Ahhh - a soon to be recurring theme of the season - kissing a lead goodbye in the last 5 minutes of a game! (Although we do have issues on the scoreboard malfunction - we got screwed!)
We lost the Little Brown Jug to Minnesota - on homecoming no less!

Hitting the "M" Club Banner for luck on their way out of the lockerroom.

Staying warm with alcohol on a cold football day!

Higher education paying off - using our beer to keep the tent from blowing away! How 'bout that college ingenuity!

Sights from the tailgating area......

Trying to keep warm on a Homecoming Football Saturday in Ann Arbor!

Multitasking at its best! Chris helps out Reggie while he makes a call AND cooks up some more good grub!

It seems like a lopsided victory - but we'll take it!