Wednesday, September 22, 2010

UM vs. UConn

We begin the season with the Huskies of UConn. UConn? you might wonder. Its not basketball season. Yeah - apparently they have football too.

The big question of the young season is "Who's the starting QB?" that would be answered soon.

The tailgate started with heavy hearts as we are missing Sheriff Lora. She will be missed.

Anyhoo - the tailgate today is without our cook - Reggie is off playing softball and left us on our own.

The team today is being led by Brock Mealer - older brother of OL Elliott Mealer. He was told after his accident that he had a 1% chance of walking again. He did so with crutches. God Bless him!

Our starting QB? Denard Robinson. We'll see how this little experiment goes. It can't be worse than last year.

We go on to beat UConn 30-10. Next week - its the Golden Domers of Notre Dame. GO BLUE!
Lora models our flag

Even the pilots know who's in charge

Working the grill

Laura & Jason work the grill

Group Shot!!

Panorama of The Big House
Brock Mealer at Midfield

The Flyover
Denard Robinson in for the TD


Attendance for the UConn game

Hail to The Victors!

RIP Lora

This is written with the heaviest of hearts. On August 25, 2010, God decided that he needed a new angel and He chose to take Lora to Heaven. She had been sick for some time and though we knew this would happen, we were absolutely stunned when it did. She was our Sheriff and more importantly, she was our friend.

You will be honoured at every tailgate as long as we continue. We will never forget you. Thank you for your friendship.

We look forward to seeing you again one day.
At the Tigers Game for Lora's birthday June 19, 2010

Bob, Mallory, Derian and Lora 2008

One of Lora's favorite pictures of Austi - he couldn't decide if he wanted to sit down or stand - so he opted for both.

Jung and Lora

Lora opening her Christmas gift 2009
The Girls: Sheriff Laura, Bonne (The Girl) and Sheriff Lora
tuos game 2009

The Crew: Reggie, Chris, Sheriff Laura, The Girl, Sheriff Lora
Front: Bill & Austi

Lora makes her first trip into The Big House Nov. 7, 2009
UM vs. Purdue

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Friday, March 05, 2010

The flyover over the north end of the stadium
The captains meet: #55 - Brandon Graham, #3 - Stevie Brown, #71 Mark Ortmann and #41 Zoltan Mesko

The honorary captains

The 1969 Team is honoured

Michigan Superfan tries to get the crowd going

At least we beat them in something