Wednesday, September 22, 2010

UM vs. UConn

We begin the season with the Huskies of UConn. UConn? you might wonder. Its not basketball season. Yeah - apparently they have football too.

The big question of the young season is "Who's the starting QB?" that would be answered soon.

The tailgate started with heavy hearts as we are missing Sheriff Lora. She will be missed.

Anyhoo - the tailgate today is without our cook - Reggie is off playing softball and left us on our own.

The team today is being led by Brock Mealer - older brother of OL Elliott Mealer. He was told after his accident that he had a 1% chance of walking again. He did so with crutches. God Bless him!

Our starting QB? Denard Robinson. We'll see how this little experiment goes. It can't be worse than last year.

We go on to beat UConn 30-10. Next week - its the Golden Domers of Notre Dame. GO BLUE!