Monday, October 27, 2008

UM vs. Illinois 10/4/08

Okay - I know I am a little late blogging this...not terribly motivated.

This is the one game that Bonne would miss. Not that I'm still bitter or grandmother's estate was being auctioned off the same day. Yeah - did I mention bitter? Mark and Amber were coming in for their one and only game this season and I get to miss it because this was a "night game for tuos" and it would be the best date for the auction (for some people - which is why most of my family wasn't there). Who cares about the Bucknuts? Nevermind the fact that my heritage was being put up for bid to the highest bidder in a downtrodden economy. Did I mention bitter?

So, onto the game. Illinois comes to town with their spread offense and their all-everything QB Juice Williams. Oh - they also bring Benedict Zook (see October 2007 posts for the sign) I'll make this short and sweet. (Aside from the fact that for me that this game didn't occur - I didn't see it though I did DVR it I just didn't bother) This is our Homecoming Game, one we should win. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. They put up 501 yards of total offense to our meager 319. Juice set a Big House record for completions (I think - all I know is that it wasn't us!) or or the other. Lets just say it was a long afternoon. Thank goodness for the tailgate and Jagerbombs!!

Final Score: Illinois 45 UM 20

Next up: The Rockets from Toledo.

PS - sorry the pics are out of order - I had them in order until posting. Not sure what happened.
Bill and Mark chill at the tailgate

Another shot...

Yummy - salmon with black beans and corn!!

A view of the construction of the west side of the stadium
Another shot

Group photo!!

Reggie working on a masterpiece

Another shot...

Mark & Amber at The Big House

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The 500th Game

UM vs. Wisconsin 9/27/08

Wisconsin comes to the Big House today for the Big Ten Home Opener. Today is the 500th game at the Big House and we are honoring our Olympic Athletes - including some guy named Michael Phelps. You may have heard of him - I guess he's big in Japan.

Our food theme for today is the "Dirty South." The menu for today's feast includes: biscuits & gravy and pigs in a blanket for breakfast and for our main meal - BBQ ribs, greens, mac & cheese with bacon and fried chicken wings. YUMMY!!

Reggie managed to get a new game - one that is "shocking" and we made it go with rumrunners. Always a good time.

We were all almost dreading this game - Wisconsin is always a solid team, one not to be taken lightly. PJ Hill is their star running back who is always tough - he hasn't done much against us, but he is not to be overlooked. Our offense is still less than productive and after a week off, who knows how they're going to do. Our defense is still a little questionable - we can't fault them for all of the errors during the ND game - most of that came off of turnovers with short yardage. So...onto todays game.

The tailgating was fun - as it always is. We had the opportunity to meet Denise Ilitch - she's running for the UM Board of Regents. Yes, I said Ilitch - you may have heard the name before if you live in the Detroit area. She was nice - stunned that I'm from C-bus wearing my UM gear though! What else would I wear?

My friend Todd finally arrived with his friend Aimee - she's a huge Phelps Phan and wanted to see him. He arrived in time to grab some grub and then onward to the stadium. If it weren't for Phelps, I don't think I would have gone in.

We arrived in our seats, watched the team warm up and bring on the band. They did their customary pre-game and then the Olympic Theme was played. WOOHOO!!! Bring on the Olympians! Peter Vanderkaay and Michael Phelps got standing ovations - Michael was sporting a "8" jersey - I finally figured out that it was for the number of Gold Medals that he won. Duh. I just thought he was friends with the current 8 Jonas Mouton.

I will keep the first half simple. It was the ugliest display of football I've seen in a long time. I mean U G L Y. Flat out nasty. It was terrible. 5 turnovers, -7 yards of passing and not much more rushing. The team was subject to questionable review calls - we should have had some overturned but they stayed with the ruling on the field. Damn. Lets just say that the team was booed off of the field at the beginning of halftime. I am not one to boo my team - I just said some really foul words - once the kids around me had gone.

The beginning of the 2nd half it looked like a different team. They finally gave up running the ball up the middle, Threet made some good reads of his receivers and the defense even scored a TD. After being booed off at the half to the fans making the Big House the loudest I've ever heard it, it was quite a turn around. I tell you - the Big House was rockin'. I personally hold us responsible for the false start on Wisconsin due to the crowd noise. It looked like Wiscy couldn't get a handle on anything and our defense was absolutely outstanding. They were able to minimize the damage in the first half by holding Wiscy to FGs instead of TDs. In the second half though, they were able to hold Wiscy to one TD in the latter aspects of the game - and were able to force punts the rest of the time. What a great comeback. We were down 19-0 at the half. We won 27-25. It was the largest comeback in Michigan Stadium history. I'm so glad we stayed. Many people left at the half and the 3rd quarter. We didn't and were rewarded with the 2nd best game any of us have seen.

Congratulations on winning the Big Ten home opener and the 500th Game at the Big House.

Bring on Illinois, "Juice" Williams, the spread O and Benedict Zook.

The Jager Station

The first jager of the day
The UW Alumni Association Van

Friday, October 03, 2008

Bonne & Dennis try not to burn the biscuits
There are 2 college grads working the grill - you'd think one of us would know not to use plastic utensils on the grill
Betty & Reggie
Betty, Bill, Laura and Chris
Dennis, Reggie & Chris

Playing tailgate games

Corso picks 'Bama and Herbie brings up UGA VII
What a great fan!

Passing out coupons to the fans
Denise Ilitch (yes, I said Ilitch) stops by our tailgate
Playing the game
Taste testing
Laura helping our Reggie

Laura gets a drink, Aimee & Todd eat and Chris watches the game
Group shot: Front - Austi & Lora
Back: John, Reggie, Bill, Chris, Laura, Bonne, Todd & Aimee
The Blimp
Why thank ya.

Bucky Badger leads the Wisconsin Marching Band
Cody Martin works his magic
8-time Gold Medalist Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps