Sunday, February 28, 2010


Lora's first trip inside the Big House!!

Honoring our servicemen

Stupid drum

Touchdown Tate!

Brandon Graham gets the Purdue QB

Close but no cigar


PSU - what can we say? They have a great team and we don't have a lot of experience. Enough said. We lost.

But on the fun side ('cause there's always a fun side!) our tailgate was fun!! How's that for you?

Guess what we shouldn't put on the propane heater? Fleece gloves.

The PSU Drum Major - hope he doesn't tear a hammy!

The flyover

Pat losing the game
Reggie tends to Lora

2 of the girls

Group Shot!
Chris tries to get rid of his hiccups

Delaware State

Well, what can we say about this game. We're coming off of our first loss at an unrelenting Iowa team. We're not exactly looking forward to a game like this, but its still one more hurdle for a very young team to get over.

Long story short, it was an absolute blowout. A lot of people left in the first half, the rest left prior to the end of the game. It was my niece Kylie's first game - a birthday gift for her 11th birthday. We also made friends with some DSU fans - they seemed to have fun and we were happy to have them.