Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Fight for the Little Brown Jug UM vs. Minn 10/27/07

Today is the day we fight to keep our jug where it rightfully belongs - in Ann Arbor. The jug has been fought over since 1909 - the longest tradition in college football.

We were up early this morning (5:50) to Denny's and to our tailgating area by 7:30 - the second to arrive. It is still dark and starting to rain while we begin to set up - unfortunately it will also be dark when we break it down!

Mike and his sister Sylvia join our group - he's a poster on the fan forum (which I'm addicted to) and they were making their way to A2 for their first game. He didn't know where to tailgate, and since we're of the philosophy "the more the merrier" the invite was extended and they joined us. It was great having you both, feel free to join us again!

Pre-game tailgating was partaken by all. Good times had by one and all!! All of the people in our tailgate area are now aware of the "Call to Jager" that I throw out when Dennis' presence is required. This week when the Call was given, we had lots of extra people joining us! No problems, hakuna matata, like we said, the more the merrier. We just need to remember to get some more cups before next week....
Dennis was celebrating a birthday - we had a triple-layer pumpkin spice pie for him. Mmmmmmm Good! It was, well, as easy as pie to make! Kevin was dressed in costume (as he always is for Halloween) as "SuperSperm" joined by Matt who was dressed alternately as Pee Wee Herman and a banana.

The biggest questions of the day though were regarding the status of our QB, Henne, and the status of Mike Hart. Henne was injured in the game against Illinois last week and no one knew if he would need to suit up and play. As it turns out, neither of them played and Michigan covered the point spread. WOOOHOOO!! I took UM and 23 1/2 over Minny. Looks like I won!
Tailgating in "tent city" as we started calling it. It was our first game with inclement weather so everyone had out their rainy weather gear and rain supplies for tailgating.

The Michigan pumpkin sitting on a "little brown jug!"

Matt shows off the skull bong - it is that time of year!!

Playing videogamems

Dennis and Dennis - before and after the jagerbomb

Playing roulette

Playing games in "Tent City"

The best of both worlds - Sparty alumnus married to a Michigan grad!

Now that's a happy looking group! Whats not to be happy about? Its jagertime!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Teamwork is what its all about. Dennis helps Reggie prepare the fish and chips

Matt as a banana and Kevin gives us an "action shot"

Even the guy selling programs joins in on a jagerbomb!!

Sylvia poses with "SuperSperm"
Matt sporting his beer goggles
Group shot! Mike, Sylvia, Jeff, Bill, Bonne and Reggie holding Chris

Mike and I pose before heading to the stadium
Mike and Sylvia pose in the Big House


The Clock 4's
God Bless America
The coin toss

6'7" true freshman Ryan Mallett leads the Michigan offense

The 207th game in a row of more than 100,000 people!! That's why its called
"The Big House!"


A beautiful view looking out to Crisler
Judy and I with me sporting my "" sticker

God moments at the Big House
'Nuf said!
The jumbotron surrounded in clouds
Being greeted by Pee Wee Herman while Supersperm passes out candy!
Chris chillin'
Who's sleepy?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

On the Road to Illinois

Well kids, its my first road trip of the season. We're here in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois at the University of Illinois for what we expect to be a heck of a game. We don't play until 8pm EST (7CT) and it will make for an incredibly loooooong day for us.

We had our traditional breakfast (although it was Bob Evans and not Denny's) where we were treated with respect by opposing fans. It was nice.

We went back to the hotel, watched Game Day on ESPN, worked on my sign that I would break out once the game was well in hand, and got ready to head over to tailgate. We weren't too far from the stadium and the people around us were pretty nice - always a concern when on the road.

We went into the game early so I could get down low and take pictures. The seats most of the Michigan fans had were wayyyyy up high! UGH!! How do they expect elderly people to make that trip? It was exhausting. (As you can see, I got some good pics of the players warming up,)
Mike Hart's participation would be a game time decision - and while I was down taking pictures, the team came out. No Hart. Okay - maybe he's in the locker room I thought. A little while later I see him wearing warm ups - no uniform. OH NOOOOO! That's not good. He is truly the heart and soul of our team - him not playing is not good for this team.

There were some Illini fans in front of us. Oh well. The game went back and forth and in the 4th quarter, Michigan's depth began to show. They finally let the Illini have it finishing with a score of 27-17. We play Minnesota next - at home. Only 2 home games to go and its all over. Hard to believe we're getting close to the end of the season!

A big thumbs down to the jackass who stole my sign as I was leaving the stadium. I'm pretty sure he's an Illini fan - maybe he didn't like the fact I called his coach out for being the traitor he is to the conference. Maybe he wanted to use it later...I don't know but you're still a jackass for stealing it from a woman. Does that make you a big bad man? Well congratufreakinlations. Jackass.
Chris chilling in the hotel.
Creating the "AlwAys RememBer BenediCt Zook" sign since Zooker voted for Florida last year. Sissy.


Chris hanging out with the Captain.