Sunday, August 03, 2008

Everything must fit just perfectly!
Looking from Bonne's seat at the grill and food cooler.
There is NO room for anything else except blankets and pliable items!

Looking towards Hoover and Elbel Field
TV set up by the solid wall on the right. It will change to where Reggies's chair is.
Grill to the right, TV to the left. This set-up will change for the season. The TV will go back where the chairs were.
The grilling area
The food tables
Our kitchen/dining area. The bar is to the right.
Looking at the tent from Hoover
Our tent set-up. This picture is from the angle of where Craig parks. Hoover is behind us.
Looking into the main entrance of Michigan Stadium
The Construction on the East side of the stadium (Press Box side)