Sunday, October 29, 2006

Here's a pic of our little group at the game courtesy of
Back Row: John, Bob & Bonne Front row: Bill & Reggie
Click on the link to check us out. We were some of the few who stayed for the ENTIRE game. Yes Lloyd, we ARE tough enough!! (But we weren't dry at all!)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Here's a pic of me blogging on the laptop at Bill & Reggie's house. To answer the obvious quesion, yes, I am COLD!!! I have 2 pairs of long johns on (one is Army issue wind and waterproof - but my legs are still cold - hence the fleece blanket!) a silk longjohn top, turtleneck, 2006 Student shirt and my sweatshirt. Luckily the laptop is warm to help me out. What you can't see is the space heater oscillating at my feet! The glove is to keep my 'puter hand warm since I do most of the computer work (except typing) right handed!
Post game group shot.

The post game grub.
Amber & Laura try to keep warm after the game.

Mark takes one for the team by finishing off the Jagermeister with just a splash of Red Bull!

A team effort to pour the last of the Jagerbombs. Wind gusts were up to 60mph - needless to say, we took down our E-Z-Up due to wind problems. And it was so FREAKING COLD!!!!! UGH!!!!!! Sorry Mark & Amber - maybe the weather will be better the next time you're up here!

How many Michigan Alumni does it take to put away the E-Z UP? Apparently 2 if they are graduates of the Division of Kinesiology! Way to put those degrees to work boys!
Getting into the Halloween Spirit!

Thats game!! Michigan is now 9-0 with THE best defense in the country. Please note poor Northwestern's rushing yards! We forced them to pass - but none for a TD. Next victim: Ball State.
The 199th game in a row of more than 100,000 people! Next week will be the 200th game!
Getting the job done!
The football team being cheered by the alumni!
The Michigan Marching Band!

The drum major gets homecoming started off on the right foot!

Reggie & Laura hold Chris. Bill, Mark, Bonne and Amber pose for our traditional pre-game group photo!

Mark eating a sammich!

Clearly we have not had enough to drink! :P
Good times at the tailgate!
Another round!

'Tis that time again!!!
Everyone gets a turn at the roulette wheel!

Mmmmmmm good!

Bonne FINALLY gets a turn!!!! ('Bout damn time!)

Bill takes one of his many turns!
Mark takes his turn!

Hook 'em Horns!
Laura's Turn!

Amber takes her turn!

Reggie takes a turn (one of many though!)
Playing roulette!

The food, drink and hot chocolate urn.
Our Reggie working the grill (who else can cook??)

Chris hanging out with Mark, Amber and Laura (Mark & Amber flew in from TX for the game!)

Mark gets a little close and personal with Chris ;P
Aren't we adorable? Amber, Laura and Bonne trying to keep warm on Homecoming Saturday!
CHEERS!!! To World Peace!!!
Guess what time it is???? Jagerbomb time!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

A pic from earlier this season

I found a link to the tackle made by PUNTER Ross Ryan earlier this season. This is how you make a tackle!!!;/mlive/images/3932/UM_V_CMU_FBC_RYAN_LON.jpg

Happy Halloween!

An unexpected present when we arrived back at the house - the neighbors carved a pumpkin and placed it on the porch! Thanks!
Chris tunes in to a little baseball in October. The Tigers lost the opener - but came back to win game #2 to tie up the series.
Reggie cooks up some pulled pork and chicken
Someone may have had a few too many beverages
Iowa was a feisty team, but we were able to hold them to two field goals! Not bad! We are now 8-0
Taking a knee to wrap up the game
Michigan Coach Lloyd Carr
Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz tries to get the correct info from the officials regarding the spot of the ball

The 198th straight game of more than 100,000 people!

It is VERY clear that the rushing game is working for neither team!

The band does a tribute to marches for the half time show. They finished with (my favorite) John Phillip Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever"