Monday, October 27, 2008

UM vs. Illinois 10/4/08

Okay - I know I am a little late blogging this...not terribly motivated.

This is the one game that Bonne would miss. Not that I'm still bitter or grandmother's estate was being auctioned off the same day. Yeah - did I mention bitter? Mark and Amber were coming in for their one and only game this season and I get to miss it because this was a "night game for tuos" and it would be the best date for the auction (for some people - which is why most of my family wasn't there). Who cares about the Bucknuts? Nevermind the fact that my heritage was being put up for bid to the highest bidder in a downtrodden economy. Did I mention bitter?

So, onto the game. Illinois comes to town with their spread offense and their all-everything QB Juice Williams. Oh - they also bring Benedict Zook (see October 2007 posts for the sign) I'll make this short and sweet. (Aside from the fact that for me that this game didn't occur - I didn't see it though I did DVR it I just didn't bother) This is our Homecoming Game, one we should win. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. They put up 501 yards of total offense to our meager 319. Juice set a Big House record for completions (I think - all I know is that it wasn't us!) or or the other. Lets just say it was a long afternoon. Thank goodness for the tailgate and Jagerbombs!!

Final Score: Illinois 45 UM 20

Next up: The Rockets from Toledo.

PS - sorry the pics are out of order - I had them in order until posting. Not sure what happened.

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