Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Beginning of the 2008 Season - A Season of Change

Well ladies and gentlemen, we are on the cusp of the 2008 football season. This is going to be a season of change for the University of Michigan Football Team. We have a new coach for the season, Rich Rodriguez (formerly of WVU) and we have lost some of our players (Henne, Hart, Long, Manningham, Arrington, etc.) Some to graduation, some to NFL opportunities, some who became traitors to our rivals in the south. (Yeah - I'm talking about you Boren.)

Not only are there changes on the field, there are changes with our tailgate as well. We have moved from our location at Hoover and Division to Pioneer High School - right at gate 5. We had concerns about the move - would we like our neighbors as much as before? How would the environment be? What's the bathroom situation? We needn't fear - things look well for us. We made friends with the security guards at our gate - feeding them and providing drinks as well. We also began to make friends with the people around us. They seem nice. That doesn't mean I miss doing the "Call to Jager" for our neighbors to join us - though I did give it via phone to Dennis!

We had most of our core group this week - Reggie, Bill, Chris, Laura and me. Lora was attending the Tigers game and she didn't make it this week. We were also joined by Chris' friend Al and our friends Mike and Sylvia from London, Ontario. They joined us last year for the Minny game - it rained then and for Saturday's game it was hotter than Hades - maybe it will be nicer for the Toledo game...We were also joined by Dan (The Hat Man) and his girlfriend Dana and intermittent Utah fans. See, we can play well with others! To the Utes - you are more than welcome to join us anytime. Just leave your offense at home, 'k?

The game was a matchup of a defensively strong Michigan team versus a Utah team that was returning around 20 players from the season before. Our QB hadn't thrown a college pass and most of our receivers and backs were new as well. It had the makings of a very long game. They didn't disappoint! The defense needs to realize there are 4 quarters in a game - not 2. They did make adjustments in the second half - which is what we wanted to see - but if they'd done it the entire game, we may have won! Anyway, we lost 25-23. The team lost the fans in the 2nd quarter but got them back (those who were still in the stadium anyway) in the 4th. Too little, too late, but hopefully they will continue with their never say die attitude and improve throughout the season. What else can you ask for?

FWIW - Chris officially hates RR and wants Coach Carr back. Yes - had to put it down and see how he feels at the end of the season!

We are 0-1 heading to the Miami (OH) game. AKA The Cradle of Coaches, Coach Schembechler's alma mater. Hopefully we will have enough adjustments to bring it this week. Hey - a girl can dream, right?

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