Monday, September 08, 2008

Michigan vs. Miami (OH) 6 Sept 08

Well, its game #2 of the season and we're facing the Miami University (OH) Redhawks. Woohoo. I'm having a really hard time getting excited for this game. I'm not really sure why, but I'm not.
Anyway...Miami is also 0-1 coming into this game, and as we learned last year, its best not to overlook a small school just because they're a small school. MAC, 1-AA - they have absolutely NOTHING to lose if they go to a Big Ten, SEC, PAC Ten or ACC school and hand it to them.

I can't help but wonder - WWBD? What would Bo do? Who would he root for during this game? He went to Miami and coached there as well, prior to coming to UM. Would he root for his Alma Mater or the school he devoted most of his adult life to? I'm guessing he was looking for great defense from both teams and he would have been happy!

So...onto the game. Our theme this week is "Burgers Gone Wild" with an array of different types of burgers after the game - chicken, hamburger, turkey. Along with "fire fries" it will make for a great post-game meal. Our buddy Dennis and his cousin came by - time to give the "Call to Jager" just for him! It was great to see him - we miss him and the others from our old 'hood.

While tailgating, we saw men with briefcases, wearing suits and carrying laminated charts with both teams listed on them. I figured they must be important so we offered food and drink (which they politely declined) and I took pictures of them. As I'm taking photos, I hear Reggie say "That's Andre Ware." Apparently the ESPN2 crew had to go through the tailgate area to get to the stadium - not sure how that happened, but it did. Anyhoo...we were joined by Scott for pre-game and for post-game by Sarah and David and Scott as well.

We were able to establish a running game this week - we had double the yards of last week by the end of the first quarter. We're going to need that when we go to South Bend next weekend. Too bad our passing game isn't as effective...could we hit an open receiver for the love of football? For goodness sakes! Anyway...our offensive line is...well, offensive. Could we make a block? Could we not have to have our QB scrambling for all he's worth? We also need someone to return a punt. To our next punt returner, please run north/south - NOT EAST/WEST!!! You're not getting too many yards by running in place and running SIDEWAYS TO THE SIDELINE! Thank you. I think if we can hit some receivers, get some good field position and some protection to our QB and RB I think we have a shot at ND. However, if we continue to play in the fashion we played during the first half of the first game, we'll come home on the losing end of the game. That being said:
"TO HELL WITH NOTRE DAME." Bo Schembechler

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