Thursday, November 06, 2008

UM vs. Toledo 10/11/08

Well folks, this normally would have been a gimme. Toledo? Come on. No problem, piece of cake.

Yeah, right. This is 2008 - the ultimate year of change. Nothing will be easy this year - if you haven't figured that out, I'm not sure what planet you are living on.

So, for your friendly tailgaters, it is truly all about the tailgate. Period. We go for a buzz-kill in the afternoon (i.e. the game) and come back to the tailgate and continue to get our drink on.

Back to Toledo. A MAC school -a conference that Michigan has never lost to. But this is 2008 after all. We lost. The first time in 24 games and we lost. 13-10. We struggled to put points on the board against a MAC team.

I have nothing else to say.

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