Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Michigan at tosu 22 November 2008

Here we go - its the last game of the season. Michigan is at ohio state. (Yes, I realize that I didn't capitalize it. In my opinion, they don't deserve it.) Anyway - we are gathering at Chris and Laura's house to watch the game. We know the season has sucked, but frankly, its almost over! One more game. I could go on and on and on about the firsts for the season, but I won't. Its like beating a dead horse. Its been said before, and it will probably be discussed during the off-season so why do I need to say anything?

We had a great breakfast - waffles with kick-ass syrup, fudge, bacon. What could be better? Lunch was our favorite hearty cold-weather food - chili.

Lets say we went through a few bottles of jager - much to the dismay of some of us. (Note that MOST of the pictures aren't on here - they are not fit to put on the blog.) It was a great time with great friends. Our next feat - seeing our dear friends Chris & Laura tie the knot in January.

See you next season.

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