Saturday, September 26, 2009

UM Football Home Opener vs. Western Michigan 5 Sept 2009

Well, well, well. It is that time of year. For a football fan, welcome to Christmas Morning. 10:00am began our season with College GameDay. Love it! Now, if you asked a Michigan fan that morning how we were going to do (i.e. starting a frosh at QB) today, they would have to say they were cautiously optimistic. You see, the beginning of a new season is absolutely beautiful. Beautiful. The slate is clean, you're no longer 3-9, your coach is no longer a first year coach. Its beautiful. STUPENDOUS! Like putting the Halloween candy out when you're a kid and you can eat the whole damn thing. Wonderful!

Our day started in typical fashion - breakfast at Denney's at 6:30am. Sheryl had our drinks on the table and our food was out in short order. Then it was a quick stop for ice on our way to the house to change cars, meet Chris, Laura & crew and then we're off to tailgate!

We got our gear set up and our first (of many) Jaegerbombs was bright and early at 8:00am. Keep in mind that our gametime is 3:30. We have to go slow - this is not a sprint, its a marathon.
We were soon joined by our dear friend Dennis who always enjoys the "Call to Jaeger".

Game Time. Feeling giddy - have to meet John & Judy to do the ticket pickup. Football is upon us. We head inside The Big House. New this year - piped in music. LOVE IT! Guess what else we love? WINNING! We really enjoyed the game - what's not to love with a 31-7 victory. Guess what else we love? Our freshman quarterback duo of Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson. In no way, shape or form last year could one of our QBs fumbled a snap and pick it up then run it - UNTOUCHED into the endzone. AMAZING!! Unfreakinbelievable. Looks like this year should be interesting to say the least.

Next up - our former pupils in Notre Dame. The second or third winningest program in NCAA history. You wanna guess who's numero uno? Yeah - Michigan. Stick it in your ear ND. We may have taught you how to play the game, but Rich Rod is getting ready to re-write the manuscript. Should be an interesting matchup. Love being the underdog I do.

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