Sunday, September 27, 2009

UM vs. Notre Dame 12 Sept 2009

We are 1-0. Happy days are here again. Its been a while since we won a home opener. 2006 to be exact. Wow. Next up - Our Lady. Our former pupils of football, the Irish of Notre Dame. One of our most hated rivals. We hate everything about them - the school, the team, Jimmeh Clausen their QB and of course their coach - the one, the only Charlie Weis. The guru of the offensive scheme. Ha! I laugh at you.

We are short some of our tailgate crew this weekend. Bill is at his cousin's wedding and Laura and Chris are at Josh's wedding in Baltimore. Bonne plans on sending Chris score updates as often as possible and Bill is coming back to the tailgate after the wedding so he'll only miss a little of the game. However, we are joined by a friend from summer camp days at U of M - Anne is joining us - haven't seen her in a looong time! Looking forward to it.

3:30. Its game time. The little leprechaun and his team come out with their coach. We hate them. Have I mentioned that yet? To sum up the game, its back and forth, we have a lead, they have a lead. Back and forth. Back and forth. The team is looking better when Bonne is not in the stadium - so to take one for the team, she spends a lot of time out watching the game in the concession area. Also got to visit with the UM Wrestling Coach for whom Bonne had worked camps for in college. Bonne was actually stopped from coming back into the stadium as they kept doing well when she wasn't there! Taking one for the team, she obliged. The stadium was absolutely rocking. It was the loudest any of us had ever experienced! The structures add a whole new dimension making the stadium intimidating when 110,000 people are screaming as loud as they can! We finally have home field advantage!

Fast forward to the last 2 minutes of the game. Michigan is down and is on offense. Our Freshman QB Tate Forcier leads the team down the field and throws a game-winning TD pass with less than 20 seconds to go! We leave them 11 seconds on the board and it is sooooo loud there! Clausen has enough to get one play off after the kickoff. He throws the ball down the field - and the game is over. The game is over. Michigan has beaten Notre Dame 38-34 in the highest scoring game of their series. What an incredible feeling! We WON!! So wonderful! The fans in attendance probably won't be able to talk until later in the week - it was so loud!

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